With reverence to movement and fluidity, this features a lot of balances and showcases manipulation with a single ring, and shares the simplicity of an object in relation to the body. Dominated by effortless movement and dedication towards the object, her brand new act aims to express a personal relationship between person and object, partly in harmony, mainly in discord, closely connected, forever, deliberately or not. The act offers an intimate performance with plenty of Kathrin's character, suitable for large and small venues alike. Personal, intimate, emotional. Enjoy. Duration: 4,50 mins

A ring juggling act. Lose yourself in the world of dreams. This one wish, growing over time, turning into a desire that keeps your mind occupied. See how this it evolves through increasingly impressive technical juggling combined with strong expression. Gain insight in the courage, love, passion and determination that turns this dream into reality and take part in an experience of emotionality and joy. Duration: 5 mins