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      Kathrin is an autodidact, specializing in ring juggling and spoken word. She discovered her passion for circus through the juggling community, in which she also made her first steps on stage in 2011. Since then, she has participated in numerous workshops on various topics such as creation, dance, composition, dramaturgy, light and Chekhov-technique. She also attended the summer course Juggling and Music at the Stockholm University of the Arts.

    In 2017, she became a co-founder of the Outer Circle Company, which toured their show in Germany and Great Britain. She has had the opportunity to perform and teach workshops in Europe, the USA and Canada over the past few years.

     Her great affinity for communication, foreign languages and cultural identities of their speakers led her to a BA in British Studies and in 2019, to poetry slams. Since then, she has written and performed her own texts, mainly in English and French. 

      She was part of the 7 Women and their contemporary circus piece Nora, directed by Anna Katharina Andrees. 

     In 2021, the creation of the 55-minute piece I Was Told. began. The artist plays with, questions, and manipulates how the audience and the artist herself perceive her as woman and performer on stage. I Was Told. The piece premiered on August 17-19 2022 at the Spoken Word Festival in Odense, Denmark, in collaboration with Dynamo Workspace.

Since 2020, Kathrin has been an active member of the Federal Association of Contemporary Circus, in short: BUZZ, working on the long-term establishment of contemporary circus as an art form in Germany.

Kathrin hold a ring on her knee



Melon Rouge Berlin, GER

Zirkus Mond, GER

Pfefferbergtheater Berlin, GER

Rampenlicht Varieté Hannover, GER

BJC (British Juggling Convention), GB

On Fire! Comedy and Poetry, GER

Berlin Spoken Word, GER

For Fuchs’ Sake, GER

Open Varieté im Ballhaus Wedding, GER



Outer Circle – A taste of Berlin

Rampenlicht Varieté Hannover, GER

Monsuntheater Hamburg, GER

Schatzinsel Berlin, GER

Jacksons Lane Theatre London, UK

The Lyric Theatre Bridport, UK

The Key Theatre Peterborough, UK

Festivals (excerpt)

On the Edge Festival, A

Letni Letna, CZ

Atoll, Ger

Rencontres des Jonglages, pitch session, FR

Sisters of Comedy, GER

Kultursommer Jena, GER

Internationales Frauentheaterfestival IFTF, GER

Wicked Spoken Word Festival, GER

Turbofest, CA

IJA fest Fort Wayne, USA

British Juggling Convention, GB

Rastelli Festival Bergamo, IT

Zelta Karlis Festival, Special Prize winner, LV



École de cirque de Québec, CA

Italian Hoop Connection, IT

Boulder Circus Festival, USA

IJA festival, USA

Berlin Convention, GER

Juggling conventions in GB, D, NL, IT

Circus Salto Salcin, GER

Circus Salto Hanover, GER

Cabuwazi Berlin, GER

Jonglieren in München e.V., GER


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