In Line is the combination of highly skilled technical juggling, creativity and a great passion for language. This piece focuses on the interpretation of various phrases having to do with lines. If things are in line, they are under control. Usually though, this state of perfection which we aim to achieve in our lives represents merely a split second of it, the moment before everything falls apart. The artist explores lines in a literal and metaphorical sense through the juggling of circular props. Graceful, captivating, thought-provoking.

Duration: 5 mins

With reverence to movement and fluidity, Perfectly Imperfect features a lot of balances, showcases manipulation with a single ring, and shares the simplicity of an object in relation to the body. Dominated by effortless movement and dedication towards the object, her brand new act aims to express a personal relationship between person and object, partly in harmony, mainly in discord, closely connected, forever, deliberately or not. The act offers an intimate performance with plenty of Kathrin's character, suitable for large and small venues alike. Personal, intimate, emotional.

Duration: 5mins